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We are an innovative South African Based company providing a unique range of quality services to our customers. Specialising in commodity Sourcing and procurement solutions, From large-scale minerals, machineries, foods contracts and agricultural products, chemicals to petroleum, shipping services, and everything in between, the broad array buying power of our clients means that whether it’s digital or material, we’re able to get it cheaper, smarter and faster.


What we do here at Commodity Hub is, we connect, intermediate seller and buyer, people and companies. We assess their needs, we select suppliers or buyers, we establish payment terms, we negotiate Contracts and close the deal, we monitor the shipment till inspection and delivery.

We make the complex, Simple!

As explained in a few lines and simplified, We provide all our services in a very efficient manner and well timed, secured and risk free. Big or small, public or private, local or international, our services are offered to everyone.


Our goal is to ensure and mainten a long and lasting happy business relationship with our clients, big, medium or small. After all, if a business isn’t changing, that means it isn’t growing. And isn’t that what good business is all about?


Our mission is fairly simple; we want to help people or companies connect with the true business world, and make sure that they succeed along the way.


There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody from the chairman on down, simply by spending his business somewhere else. That’s our main strength. It lies in the fact that we care about our Clients and what we do.


We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers and giving them a stress free local and international business deals. And it is our objective to ensure that all our customers around the world enjoy a hassle-free Business trades. In addition, we work with leading financial institutions around the world to provide a highly secure payment system, world class shipment companies, top rated suppliers, globally certified inspectors, all these just to giving our clients confidence and security when working with us. Our team is committed to working hard to meet your needs. Our 24/7 Emergency Number is available to all clients allowing them to reach our duty Manager at any time while enjoying their daily activities.

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