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Business relationships built on service, honesty and loyalty are the foundation of Commodity Hub’s success. Our well resourced team works directly with customers and suppliers to help them start and finalise a deal, manage logistics and transportation, develop and market products, control quality, and boost profits. We use a worldwide database of best and affordable producers to successfully finalise transactions for our customers.


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Commodity Hub is a specialized sourcing and procurement company with a global access to various business opportunities and products.

We deliver services for businesses looking to source or procure competitively priced commodities and products from around the globe.

A vital part of our business success is based on the collaborative relationships we enjoy with our key suppliers.  This enables us to negotiate better pricing, logistics, and most of all the uninterrupted supply continuity. Though some goods are severely impacted by the supply and demand of the global market, our extensive networks in the supply chain ensures that the best quality goods are still sourced at best price in the market.



Relevant to our trading portfolio are the following:

  • Petroleum Products and Gas
  • Automobile and Transportation
  • Electronics and Computers
  • Apparel, Textiles and Accessories
  • Telecom Equipment and Components
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical
  • Machinery and Plant
  • Mining and Resource Commodities
  • Electrical Equipment and Components
  • Metallurgy, Chemical and Minerals
  • Agriculture Products and Dairy Products

Our global trading network makes it possible to align our position to our clients’ needs by customizing and streamlining the procedures and prioritizing the works based on the mutual interests of each party in the supply chain.

At Commodity Hub, we aim to source the right product at right price and to provide innovative, timely, and efficient service to all our clients.  Our global network and trading capabilities covers all regions worldwide.

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